3 Advantages of Choosing SEV Staffing, Inc. as Your Recruitment Agency

3 Advantages of Choosing SEV Staffing, Inc. as Your Recruitment Agency

Are you a newbie in the business industry? Having trouble looking for competent and reliable manpower? Feeling frustrated handing out flyers on streets about the job vacancies in our company and noticing that people veer away from you like you have some kind of communicable disease? If you said a sounding “YES!” to all of these questions, then we might just have the best solution for you.

Let us first briefly introduce ourselves. Our company is SEV Staffing, Inc. and we are one of the most trusted companies in providing recruitment solutions in Texas. With offices at College Street Beaumont and Garth Road Baytown TX, we willingly extend our hands especially to small and medium businesses that are just starting out in this arduous industry.

But why choose us? Let us present to you 3 advantages of choosing SEV Staffing, Inc. for your recruitment problems.

1. We have been in service since 2001.

What characteristic of a good agency could be of higher value other than being established for a long period time? The years say it all. SEV Staffing, Inc. has been providing recruitment solutions for various companies for years and years (and hopefully more to come). This simply shows that the reason why we’re still here is because our clients trust us and believe in our capacities in providing them with only the best and the most qualified staff that their companies need.

2. We believe in the importance of exceptional staff in the growth of your business.
At SEV Staffing, Inc., we believe that a good pool of staff means better business for our clients. This is why we always see to it that our recruits are all trustworthy, reliable and highly qualified for their specific positions by conducting a thorough screening process which includes:

  • One-on-one interviews
  • Background checks
  • Previous employment reference checks
  • Work permit authorization
  • Education verification
  • Drug Testing

In choosing SEV Staffing, Inc., you can breathe easily while we do our best to provide the perfect set of staff for your growing business.

3. We provide staffing services for a variety of industries.

At SEV Staffing, Inc., we recognize the need for recruitment solutions in the different industries. That is why we do not only specialize in one field rather, we specialize in recruiting staff for a variety of fields such as medical, industrial, skilled trades, accounting, finance, technical and customer service, and lastly administrative staffing in College Street Beaumont and Garth Road Baytown TX.

What else can we say? We have almost all of your recruitment dilemmas.

Spare yourself from all the hassle and stress of looking for employees to hire – sit back, relax and leave it all to us at SEV Staffing, Inc. – it’s our job to do all the taxing work. If you’re interested, come and visit us College Street Beaumont and Garth Road Baytown TX, and we’ll discuss how we can make your life easier.

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