Full Time Job or Part time Job: Which is Really Better?

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If you have to choose between a full time job or a part time job, what would you prefer? If you prioritize security of tenure, good pay and all the benefits that you would enjoy in the later years of your life, for sure, you would choose full time job. However, if you are still in search of your career path, you still would want to explore things and enjoy a lot of free time or juggle multiple jobs in a day, a part time job would be so appealing.

But employers do not readily settle to hire full time workers. Some would hire contractual workers and only when they are impressed with their performance would they consider them for full time employment. This is a long and tedious process both for the employers and employees. But, let us try to weigh in whether full time or part time employment is more advantageous than the other.

Which gives you bigger probability of finding new opportunities?
Most people may not get the chance to land a full time employment right away. If you have the opportunity to work part time in any office jobs or company positions, it is good that you take it. It somewhat puts you in a good place in the corporate world. Although the pay may not be big at first but eventually if you have proven your worth and the employer sees you as an asset to the company, then there is a big possibility that they would hire you as a permanent full time employee. It also paves your way to learning things outside your comfort zone as you will be exposed to different tasks in your part time job.

Which type of employment can give you better income?
For some a full time job might get them the money but some part time workers can earn bigger than them. However, income really depends on how one works hard for it. If your full time employment pays you right, then there is nothing wrong with it. However, for part time workers, a good income might mean doing two things at the same time and extending more hours of work in a week just to reach a certain quota. But generally, it works both ways.

Which type of employment is less stressful?
A number of research and studies have shown how full time employment could wear out workers. Perhaps this is because being in an office six to eight hours a day can really be stressful especially if one will not be able to do other activities anymore except working. Many people have preferred part time jobs because they have flexible schedules and they can still do some errands or relax a little. Sometimes, it is better to live a happy and less stressful life than earning big amounts but stressed out.

But the bottom-line of this is that, find a job you like and do your best. It does not matter whether you are working part time or full time as long as you love what you are doing. However, do not stop improving yourself, if a new environment is what you need, then you should explore your opportunities.

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