privileges and basic rights

For any employment scenario, it is good to know that employees may understand what to expect before engaging in a formal employment contract. There should exist a formal offer from the employer to engage the services of the employee and for the later to accept or turndown the offer.

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  • Minimum Wage – is provided to the employee after the services are consummated. The rate should not be less than what is set forth by the wage board.
  • Working Hours – is the time required by the employer to the employee. Regular working hours will depend on the nature of the work employed. Normally, the maximum requirement is eight (8) hours per day. In excess will mean additional compensation.
  • Occupational Health and Safety – refers to the health and safety of the employees at a workplace. It is the obligation of the employers to provide and maintain a safe environment and hazards-free while the employee is doing the engaged activity.
  • Service Incentive Leave – is given to all qualified employees, such as:
    • vacation leave to enjoy with family or friends
    • paid public holidays
    • sick leave
    • parental leave
    • maternal leave
    • bereavement leave
  • Other Benefits like rewards, bonuses and incentives may be given all qualified and deserving employees

Know your Rights under the National Labor Relations Act

  1. The right to form a union and to talk terms with your employer with regard to your working conditions including salaries and wages and working hours.
  2. You have the right to join and be a member of the union
  3. The right to bargain through your union’s representatives
  4. The right to discuss your employment terms with other members of the union
  5. The right to take action and seek help from your union on any work –related complaints directly involving your employer or with any agency in the government
  6. You have the right to strike and picket

Here’s an advice from SEV Staffing, Inc.’s Recruitment Solutions in Garth Road Baytown TX: you have to consider that while it is true that you were given those privileges and rights, your prime concern is to maintain and improve your working conditions through a fair consensus and mutual agreement with your employer not by force, intimidation or threats.

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