What We Look for in a Customer Service Representative

group of customer service representative

Customer service is one that we specialize here in SEV Staffing, Inc. and as a part of our Recruitment Solutions in College Street Beaumont TX; we help companies around the state to find the most suitable customer service representative they need.

A customer service representative is the frontline of a company’s trade that is why it just makes sense for our company to look for people who are good in that line of work especially those who:

  1. Show empathy, patience and consistency
    Not all customers are the same. Some of them will make your day while others can make you lose a few brain cells. Either way, it is still your job to face these clients in behalf of the company.
    You must be fully equipped and knowledgeable on how to handle different kinds of customers and see to it that the quality of services you provide is consistent every time you face a patron.
  2. Can handle surprises
    As we have mentioned, no customer is alike and as a customer service representative, you will have varied experiences every day of the week of work. You need to be adaptable and this, friend, includes your willingness to learn.
    Giving a quality customer service consists of an endless learning process, you know.
  3. Have the ability to convey the information properly to the customers
    We do not want an angry customer much more one that leaves your presence feeling confused and unsure of your company’s products and services, do we? A customer service representative is able to put into words exactly the things he or she wants to put across the client.
  4. Manifest the proper work ethic
    Clients like it when their questions are entertained and when they are able to get the information they need. But if you are able to satisfy one client and annoy the crap out of those in line, you cannot be called an effective representative of the company you are working for.
  5. Possess the essential knowledge
    The patrons you are facing right now rely on you because at this given point, it is you who is knowledgeable of the product and/or services your company offers. You need to stay informed and up to date especially when your customers have some questions on their mind.
  6. Own a bunch of “confidence”
    Being a customer service representative means that you are aware of the saying “the customer is always right.” You need to be able to swallow your pride, accept negative feedbacks and hold responsibilities. This is still applicable even if you are assigned on a team that is working directly on the feedbacks of the company’s customers via social media.

If you possess the mentioned characteristics, then you are who we are looking for. Submit your resume at www.sevstaffing.com and we will work on your employment.

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