Five Reasons Why Employees Leave Their Companies

Five Reasons Why Employees Leave Their Companies

Today, where a greater fraction of the population are highly-educated, well-experienced, highly-trained, and significantly-flexible, the rate of unemployment has remarkably gotten low. Not only that, the rate of people who are under-employed has decreased as well, which only means that most people are already in job positions which really fit their qualifications.

How does this affect companies, then? Well, this only means that companies would have to take care of their employees because with their credentials, they can easily decide to get out and practice their mastery some other place, to the potential advantage of competitors. Though resignation of employees is something companies cannot totally eliminate, it is highly manageable to keep those key people who really matter.

Here in SEV Staffing Inc., we share with you some beneficial information which should be able to help you keep the golden eggs within your nest. We understand that you might already have read more than a dozen of tips on how to keep them. This time, we discuss with you possible reasons on why they usually pack up and leave you for good.

  1. Unmet expectations in terms of role and responsibilities.

    In your job advertisements and interviews, you have surely discussed with an applicant his role and his responsibilities once he is hired. This usually determines his yes or no during the job offer. Now, some employees resign when the expectations they have set initially are not met when they are already in their posts. They may find the actual job very challenging or too easy for them that they feel overqualified. Thus, it is highly important to set the real deal from the very start so you don’t get to hire, lose, and rehire employees due to unmanaged expectations.

  2. Unhealthy work hygiene and stress.

    The long working hours, the toxic environment, the difficult goals, and the tight deadlines often drain the spirit out of employees. Whether we are talking about tenured or neophytes, no one is really immune or can get too immune to these kinds of stuff. So try to understand how they really feel about their work and its demands. If you get that they feel like being stretched too thin, try to find the right balance in terms of workload, objective-setting, and expectations. You will see that when they feel like they are not expected to be super-humans at work, they will be human enough to not leave you while you still need them.

  3. Unclear career path and growth direction.

    People need not only security of tenure. They also want themselves to grow. People resign when they feel like their careers have plateaued and have no clear direction to grow. It is the responsibility of the management to plan, discuss, and make clear with their people the plans they have for them so they can have something that they can look forward to in the future.

  4. Having difficult people to deal with.

    Whether is a co-worker, a subordinate, or a boss, dealing with difficult people is one of the most popular culprits on why employees resign. So if you are the boss, try to check if you are being too hard on your team. To know about how they feel about each other, it is best to conduct one-on-one interviews through the HR so you will know if there is any conflict or attitude issues that you need to deal with inside your premises.

  5. Discovering better opportunities outside.

    Everyone looks forward to something better. So if an employee gets offered with a better and higher paying job, they usually ship out the soonest time they can. This is where career growth discussion can also be very helpful. If they know that they will be better off if they stay, they will have no reason to look for greener pastures, in the fist place.

As a provider of recruitment solutions in College Street Beaumont TX, we hope we have provided you with sound ideas on how to keep your good people with you. For your recruitment concerns, we can also help you greatly by calling SEV Staffing Inc. at 409-554-8153. We will be more than happy to help you with your company staffing concerns.

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