Things That Millenials Are Really Looking For In An Employer And How To Check If You Have Them

Things That Millenials Are Really Looking For In An Employer And How To Check If You Have Them

The millennials are undeniably a force to reckon with when it comes to this generation’s workforce. They are schooled, young, trainable, and highly ambitious. Indeed, they are just perfect for any company who are looking for dynamic and hungry candidates who can be groomed to full potential.

The downside with millennials, though, is that they can be difficult to please most of the time. Because they have lived most of their lives in comfort and convenience, they are not really the type who are willing to endure hard times. When they feel like something does not suit them, they easily walk away.

So if you are a company wanting to attract this batch, what are you to do to be their company of choice? We share with you some tips which should be able to help you pull their attention towards you and have them stay for a good period of time.

  1. They are on the look out for a company with a good “social” standing.

    Millenials are highly impressionistic. They easily get swayed with good media reviews, trending discussions, and resounding popularity. They want to try whatever is being talked about, want to be associated with iconic personalities, and be part of companies that everyone is familiar of. Thus, company branding is highly important if you want to catch these fish in your nets. Make sure that you make noise in the social media, got flashy and interesting advertisements, and has a “cool” way of recruitment so you can tickle their interest.

  2. An environment that allows them freedom to succeed in their own way.

    Millenials love their independence. So you would have to create an environment where they are given enough room to experiment and find their own way to succeed. Gone are the robotic days when employees are told what to do and they obey. These days, the young blood just need to know what needs to be accomplished, and they will find their way in achieving it โ€“ in whatever way that suits them. This is actually great for companies who are trying to find efficient and innovative ways to achieve their goals outside of the current norm.

  3. Management that sees them well and hears them out.

    Millenials have a high sense of entitlement. They feel the need to be needed โ€“ all the time. That is why it is important that you give them a chance to be heard or to be seen in the organization. Once they feel their importance while with you, this will fuel them to achieve more things and feel more valued than they already are. So it is a must to give them their spotlight and allow them every opportunity to shine.

  4. Intrinsic rewards that cannot be bought by money.

    Millenials are mostly born from families who have enough resources to afford them of what they need. Unlike us, they no longer live with the scarcity mentality. So money and everything that it can afford is no longer the sole force that can drive them to work harder. What matters to them is being recognized and appreciated. A pat on the shoulder, a “congratulations” bulletin, a good ranking, or a promotion can go a long way for them to want to stay with you for the long run.

  5. A challenging growth plan.

    Millenials love to be challenged. But the challenges that they take are only those which are worth sweating and stressing. So whether you are interviewing a candidate or discussing career plans with an employee, it is best that you lay down with him his career path, the goals that he must achieve to get there, and the rewards that he can expect once he is there. Millenials are go-getters if you only get to ignite the fire that they have in them.

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